Daily Academics

Paramount Online Academy supports Paramount’s mission of inspiring learning through an unparalleled academic approach through high engagement, consistent collaboration, and data-driven instruction. POA will offer the highest functioning and highest performing K-8 virtual option for school students and families in Indiana.

Paramount teaches academic content using an integrated design with mandatory daily life lessons and high-quality digital curriculum platforms, mirroring the typical blocks of time for on-campus instruction. Whether on-campus or online, Paramount follows a full academic day schedule.


ELA & Social Studies 8:00-11:00

Extended Core 11:00-12:00


Math & Science 1:00-3:00


Paramount’s instructional cycle allows teachers and students to focus on one learning target at a time.  The cycle begins with a 15-minute teacher-led mini-lesson followed by a data-driven gradual release process where the teacher monitors student mastery on guided practice problems. Once the teacher has released the students to independence, they have 30-40 minutes to practice the skill while the teacher provides real-time feedback in Google Classroom. The cycle ends with a 10-minute standards-based exit ticket that aligns with Indiana’s state assessment rigor.

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